Environmental Pic

Our employees, customers and the community have assurance that the operations of Callcott and Downey will have minimal impact on the environment.
To this end:

All our waste substances currently fall below the levels of reporting from our independent laboratories.

All Industrial Hard Chrome shop employees are medically tested to ensure their personal safety.

All Hard Chrome Plating activities are conducted in fully bunded pits.

Each Industrial Hard Chrome tank has digital dosing control of fume suppressants to ensure there is no air polution.

We are engaged in voluntary constant monitoring of the ground water at our Kewdale premises to ensure our Hard Chrome Facilities do not damage the environment.

All waste is removed from our workshops by certified environmental waste disposal companies.

All our waste substances currently fall below the levels of reporting from our independent laboratories.


SafetypicAt the core of our approach to safety is our commitment to continuous improvement.

This involves the continuous process of planning, implementing, reviewing and improving parts of our business that will remove the potential harm in our workplace. To set the standard for this commitment, we believe that:

All accidents and incidents are preventable.

No operation is so important that risk of injury to people is justified.

Our Commitment:

Our directors, managers and supervisors consistently demonstrate that the safety and well-being of our people are the number one priority. To achieve this aim, safety awareness is promoted as a full time event and not restricted to a meeting once a week.
Audits are carried out by our supervisors with a member of our workshop team to ensure that all perspectives of safety in the workplace are reviewed. Tool box meetings incorporating safety training are an integral part of us reducing or removing potential harm in the workplace for our employees.   



Retention of Title:

Where a customer has taken delivery, but not yet paid for goods or services supplied by Callcott and Downey Engineering, the property and title of the goods or service provided shall not pass to the applicant and Callcott and Downey Engineering retains the legal and equitable title to those goods or services provided until payment is made in full.

Download a copy of our Application for Credit here.



All repairs are thoroughly tested before any component leaves our premises. 
Our warranty policy is to repair or replace the component within 3 months or 5000 Hours at the sole discretion of Callcott and Downey management. 
Components alleged to contain faulty parts or workmanship shall be delivered to the premises of original repair for inspection and reporting by Callcott and Downey.
The limit of our liability is to the repair or replacement of faulty parts or workmanship only. This warranty does not extend to cover any other effected components not repaired by Callcott and Downey, machinery dismantling or reinstallation, transport, or loss of income suffered as a result.