Our Hydraulics business is built around quality and service, and we understand the meaning of "the availability of your machine", either when it suffers a breakdown or when it is taken out of service for planned maintenance.
Our workshops are "One Stop Shops" ensuring that your job is not delayed by out-of-house subcontractors. Now with independently NATA Approved NDT Testing.
We have specialists who can discuss your problem and advise you on costs and timing.
We cater for the ever increasing demand for quality repaired and remanufactured components. We are also able to manufacture new components such as cylinders, piston rods, shafts, bearings and bushes. In fact, we can produce almost anything you need to get you back into production with a minimum of fuss.
Callcott & Downey is a one stop shop for ALL Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs & Hard Chrome Plating
Our Services Include:

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

We can offer complete in house repair to all Hydraulic Cylinders up to 13 metres long and 750mm diameter at our workshops located in Kewdale and Kalgoorlie

Service Exchange Cylinders

We now have over 100 Hydraulic Cylinders and other items available to help reduce your downtime.

Manufacture New Cylinders

Callcott and Downey can manufacture new Hydraulic Cylinders to match your existing cylinders or design a new Hydraulic Cylinder to suit your application.

General Engineering

Machining of components made from Hard Steels, Bronze, Brass, Aluminium etc. to 9000mm in length and 1250mm diameter. Drilling, thead tapping and thread milling are carried out on our German built NC Horizontal Boring mill to 1800mm Diameter. We are able to manufacture new or reclaim worn components to your sample or drawing

Cylinder Boring

Callcott and Downey Engineering have recently increased their capacity and are now able to offer Heavy Wall Hydraulic Cylinder Tube Boring from 175mm to 1000mm diameter and up to 4500mm in length. As a product, we can now offer Hydraulic Cylinder barrels bored only, bored and honed or bored and honed with flange.

Industrial Hard Chrome Plating

Industrial Hard Chrome provides unbeatable surface protection from corrosion, wear and physical damage. Plating to 0.020" (0.5mm) thickness and to HV850 with excellent lubricity. Our current capacity for Chrome Plating is 6000mm in length. 

Cylindrical Grinding

Cylindrical grinding to 4750mm in length and 500mm diameter can be accommodated.

Surface Grinding

Radial surface grinding on a rotating magnetic table can be carried out on diameters up to 1000mm.

Tube Honing

To ensure your barrels are perfectly round, straight and new seals have the correct lubricity, tube honing is carried out on our purpose built honing machines to return them to the OEM's strict specificationsLengths to 7.0 metres and diameters from 50mm - 700mm can be accommodated. 
Contact Callcott & Downey today to discuss all your Hydraulic Cylinder Repair, Manufacture and Hard Chrome Plating needs.